24th – 25th September 2018
Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf and Spa

Shaun Smith


8:00 Food for Thought: Customer Experience Management: More than customer journey mapping

Many organisations are using the tools and techniques of CX, including customer journey mapping, customer analytics
and brand experience design. But are they strategically aligned and more than the sum of their parts?

In this provocative session, Shaun Smith, one of the founders of the customer experience movement, will argue that
many organisations are taking a tactical approach to CX. He will suggest that customers are fatigued with being asked
for feedback, and employees are cynical about being asked to ‘put the customer first’.

Drawing on his experience of working with brands like Best Western, Premier Inn, IHG, Cathay Pacific and many others,
find out how Shaun has helped these companies deliver impactful results from their customer experience programmes,
then take part in an executive discussion to find out how you too can:

• Create a brand experience when you have multiple brands
• Align your business strategy and customer experience so that they are mutually reinforcing
• Move from customer measurement to customer insight
• Get your people to really buy into the customer experience and understand how to deliver it
• Move investing in the things that don’t matter to customers to the things that do

How does it work? Grab some breakfast, listen to Shaun and get stuck into this morning discussion session to kick off Day 2.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Shaun.

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