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2016 Post Event Report

2016 Post Event Report

In September 2016, the Customer Experience Exchange for Travel & Hospitality, brought together 60 VPs, Directors and Heads of Customer Experience, Marketing & Customer Loyalty from Europe’s most successful and well-known hotels, airlines and car rental organisations to address the biggest CX challenges facing the industry. 

This report outlines the central themes that arose from discussions around the challenges keeping these CX executives awake at night, and the industry trends driving high levels of investment we’re seeing across the broad technology and service provider landscape.

Guest Service At Disney: Surprising & Delighting Guests At Every Touchpoint

Bob Simmonds, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Travel Operations, Disney Destinations, shares Disney’s perspective on what’s important to create memorable experience for their guests. Bob’s unique insight helps explain how Disney creates guests who absolutely love the brand, and who are consistently delighted by their experiences.
Travel & Hospitality Report: Connecting The Customer Experience Dots

Travel & Hospitality Report: Connecting The Customer Experience Dots

Over the last 6 months, senior executives from across the travel and hospitality industry have had their say regarding the challenges that they are facing on the road to customer excellence, and their thoughts have been compiled into this long awaited report! Download your free copy to discover exclusive interviews with senior level executives from KLM, Virgin Atlantic Airways, British Airways, Carlson Rezidor and more as they describe how they’ve addressed the biggest CX challenges. 

Creating A Winning Customer Service Through Brand Quality

Tim Genovese, VP Quality, IHG, dives into brand consistency, and it’s importance when reaching out to your customers from a marketing perspective.
The Power Of Emotional Engagement

The Power Of Emotional Engagement

Customer Experiences still vary greatly, both between and within businesses. Customers are still treated in a transactional way, instead of a process that actually has a lot more emotional complexity to it. Loyal customers are the key to success, and organisations are understanding more and more that the way to build loyalty is to generate an emotional and personalised experience for their customer base to ensure they truly feel valued. This can be tough, and with board buy-in tougher than ever before, it can be hard to justify spend and time on such initiatives. However, crack it now and you’ll have a competitive edge that will propel your business to success. A must read!

Market Report: How Travel & Hospitality Companies Can Achieve Business Success Through CX

Market Report: How Travel & Hospitality Companies Can Achieve Business Success Through CX

Our latest market report delves into the biggest trends, challenges and disruptors in the travel and hospitality industry with case studies and expert advice to help you optimise your own CX strategy 

The travel and hospitality industry has seen a massive change in recent years. It’s moved from being dominated by traditional travel agents booking every aspect of a holiday for their customers, on to a wealth of choice online for consumers to tailor-make their own trip by using platforms that provide a quick overview of, for example, all accommodation options in their selected destination. 

With an increasingly overwhelming choice available for consumers on these platforms, elements such as personalisation and emotional engagement have become more important than ever before. What are the biggest challenges on the journey to CX success? And how can travel and hospitality organisations stay ahead of the curve? 

Download this market report for:

  • A guide to customer experience in travel and hospitality
  • Roadblocks on the journey to CX success
  • Case study: Thomas Cook’s 24-hour promise
  • Tackling the United Airlines CX nightmare
  • Case study: How LAWA aligns brands to create an LAXceptional experience
  • Benchmarking disruptors: Challengers or partners?
  • Case study: How disrupts the industry with personalisation
  • Touring a top trend: Biometrics pros and cons
  • Real-time inspiration: Shining CX stars to learn from

With expert advice and insights from CX leaders from the likes of KLM, Disney, Los Angeles World Airports, Amtrak, Thomas Cook and many more, CX Network’s latest market report ensures you keep your finger on the pulse of customer experience in travel and hospitality.

Travel and Hospitality Report: Connecting the Customer Journey

Travel and Hospitality Report: Connecting the Customer Journey

The customer does not care about ancillary revenue or operational processes. Regardless of what works for your business, if your day-to-day interactions with the customer do not place the customer at the forefront of your business culture, you risk losing their trust and business. And with the rise of OTAs, social media and rising weight placed on reviews and word of mouth, losing one customer can quickly become 100. When customers expect more and more from every interaction and benchmark your strategy against their best experiences across any industry, where do CX leaders begin to take control by connecting the whole customer journey?